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Property Dispute Lawyers

Protecting Client Interests Through Outstanding Negotiation and Trial Skills

The Texas law firm ofWidner Family Law Group, L.L.P. (“WFLG”) is known throughout the state and around the country for the level of service and the results we achieve on behalf of our divorce clients.

Beyond that, we have attorneys who focus on particular aspects of divorce litigation, such as the valuation and characterization of particular kinds of marital property, or collaboration with forensic investigators who can trace and locate assets that should have been disclosed but were not.

If your divorce involves the need to identify, assess and divide an extensive, complex or disputed marital community, our attorneys can advise you, protect your interests and assert them in court whenever necessary. Contact us to learn more about the distinctive features of our client service in complex marital property disputes.

We’re one of the largest law firms in Texas exclusively focused on divorce and family law. Our breadth and depth of experience helps us break down a marital community of any size or complexity. We also have the litigation and trial skills necessary to protect your interests in court under any circumstances, especially when there’s no realistic prospect of a negotiated settlement.

Founding partner Robert Widner is a past president of the prestigious American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, and continues to lecture to professional audiences around the country on advanced topics in property division litigation. Several other attorneys are known nationally for their skill and experience with specific property division problems, and our expertise in front of judges or juries is highly regarded.

Our lawyers can help you across the full range of marital property division problems that are likely to come up in Texas divorce cases:

  • Protecting your separate property through expert tracing and evidence
  • Valuation and division of assets
  • Valuation of business entities, professional practices, partnerships, or interests in closely held corporations
  • Valuation of pension, retirement or executive compensation packages
  • Analysis of Trust funds
  • Valuation and character of athlete contracts
  • Drafting and enforceability of premarital, postmarital or partition agreements
  • Property division issues affected by allegations of marital misconduct
  • Nondisclosure, concealment or fraudulent transfer of marital asset
  • International property division issues
  • Division of marital debts
  • Appeals of trial court decisions on property division issues

Texas Property Valuation Attorneys

For additional information about our ability to protect your interests through all the complications that a divorce can present, contact the Dallas-Fort Worth property dispute attorneys of Widner Family Law Group, L.L.P. (“WFLG”) at either of our Texas locations.

(For more information about complex property division in Texas divorce, see our articles Tips to Survive the Executive Divorce, and Two People, Two Professions, One Marriage.)