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Jurisdiction, Venue and International Family Lawyers

Comprehensive Client Service in Multinational Child Custody or Property Disputes

At The Widner Family Law Group, L.L.C. (“WFLG”), our range and depth of experience allow us to take on the most challenging family law problems, including those regarding jurisdictional issues.

Without question it matters what county or state is hearing a divorce case. Different states have different laws that can severely affect your rights in a property or custody case. Our lawyers know the ins and outs of jurisdiction and can advise you about jurisdiction challenges, consequences and solutions.

In the international arena, perhaps the most common kinds of jurisdiction and venue problems involve child custody and visitation matters. This includes fights over which county, state or country the case belongs. This is especially true internationally when a divorced foreign national is the parent of a child resident of Texas, or when an American parent with possessory conservatorship rights in Texas needs to enforce them overseas. Our attorneys are prepared to act on short notice if a foreign national former spouse intends to remove a child from Texas to another country.

We can advise you about enforcing Texas family law rights in foreign countries, or enforcing rights established under another nation’s laws in Texas courts. Both situations are governed under provisions of The Hague Convention. Our Dallas-Fort Worth international family law attorneys can show you how state law and multilateral conventions can work together to protect your most important relationships.

The Widner Family lawyers can also advise you about your options for protecting vital interests in community property assets held or transferred out of the country. International child support enforcement is another area where our legal knowledge and practical experience can make a significant positive difference.

Experienced Attorneys for International or Interstate Family Law Issues

When questions are raised about two or more jurisdictions’ differing rules, our experience with the resolution of conflict of laws questions between sovereign nations or American states can help guide the way toward certainty and useful solutions.

Additionally, our lawyers are sometimes asked to appear in other jurisdictions as trial counsel or special advisors in complex family law cases. The The Widner Family Law Group, L.L.C. (“WFLG”) has successfully resolved international family law disputes involving nationals and residents of numerous foreign countries, and we have tried cases in many states in the United States. Contact us at either of our two office locations to learn more about our interstate and international family law practice.