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Widely known as one of the leading family law firms in Texas, Widner Family Law Group, L.L.P. has developed a strong reputation for resourceful, sophisticated and cost-effective advocacy in divorce for nearly 30 years.

Contact us to find out about our approach to client service in contested divorce cases of all kinds. We can advise you about such matters as:


With 11 lawyers Board Certified as Specialists in Family Law, Widner Family Law Group, L.L.P. has a number of lawyers who concentrate even further on different aspects of divorce litigation. Some emphasize parent-child issues, others focus on different aspects of property division, and several emphasize trial practice, appeals or alternative dispute resolution.

To find out more about the divorce practice at our firm, contact our Dallas-Fort Worth divorce lawyers at either of our Texas offices.

(See our articles about different aspects of the divorce process under Texas law: How Do I Get a Divorce, Knowing the Basics of Divorce, and Ground Rules of Divorce in Texas.)