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Child Custody Lawyers

“The average cost of a divorce in the U.S. is now $15,000.00. The cost of a divorce is the top concern for divorcing parents in a divorce. “

In divorces “without children” 58% of divorcing are concerned about the cost of the divorce with 42% of the parents being concerned most about the division of property as their second major concern.

In divorce “with children” the top concern for 53% of parents is child custody and the second major concern for the group of parents-35% of parents are concerned about cost.

The Widner Family Group is one of the Best Divorce Law Firms because we are able to complete the divorce for 75% less than this average cost , on the average, because we operate more efficiently and have one of the largest client bases in northern texas, allowing us to spread the risk and drive the costs down for our clients.

The clients get the same experience and expertise from our 15 Years Of Dallas Family Law experience, and our unlimited passion representing our clients, all for a fixed and flat monthly fee, we provide our clients trust, by not presenting “surprise bills” of thousand of dollars that are unexpected which happen when all the other dallas divorce lawyers charge such month unlimited hours at a very high $399-$500 hourly date.

Hourly billing for clients is bad. The irony of hourly billing is that it rewards inexperienced lawyers by paying them for their learning curve. it penalizes true experts, who can resolve problems in a fraction of the time it takes a less experienced lawyer. Hourly billing is a disaster for clients in divorce or modification actions. That is why our law firm it one of the only Dallas Family Law Firms that offers fixed flat affordable monthly fees.