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Family Law Mediation in Texas

Getting the Most Out of Mediation in Texas Divorce

Texas family law has a strong preference for the settlement of divorce disputes whenever possible. Mediation is an especially valuable tool for promoting settlement across a wide range of problems, and many Texas family courts require that disputes that would otherwise be scheduled for hearing go first to mediation before the court will hear the case.

The family law firm of Widner Family Law Group, L.L.P. is committed to helping clients resolve disputes without litigation when possible, and we can help you get the most out of mediation. Contact us in Dallas-Fort Worth to learn how you can shorten your case and reduce the expense of family court litigation through the proper use of mediation.

Dallas Divorce Mediation Lawyers

The point of mediation is not to pick a winner between two conflicting positions. Instead, the goal is to help the parties reach their own settlement through negotiation assisted by a neutral mediator, usually an attorney or former judge with family law experience. The mediator’s role varies from case to case, but typically involves finding points of agreement that can be developed into a settlement that meets the needs of both parties.

The mediator can probe the strength of apparent disagreements, keep the discussions focused on the dispute under consideration, and maintain a positive and constructive tone. Even highly contentious cases are often successfully resolved through family mediation.

An important feature of mediation is its confidentiality. Both parties can speak freely without worrying about the risk that an opponent will later advise the court of anything that happened during the mediation session. The mediator cannot force the parties into an agreement. Instead, the mediator gives them a sound idea of the relative strength of their opposing positions if no settlement can be achieved.

One of the strengths of Widner Family Law Group’s mediation practice is our ability to review the mediator’s recommendations and comments with our clients. Our analysis provides clients with an in-depth understanding of how an objective third party views their case.

Mediation represents a valuable opportunity to craft a solution on terms within a client’s total control. Our attorneys can help you make the most of that opportunity.

For additional information about the ways our Dallas-Fort Worth mediation lawyers can help you take full advantage of this dispute resolution process, contact Widner Family Law Group.