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Bob Widner

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Attorney, Founding Partner

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Bob Widner

Sometimes when you go through life, you meet some extraordinary people, you go through life and feel how lucky you are to have children, you suffer through tragedy and some events that you wished God hadn’t allowed, but later you find out there was tremendous purpose to even those tough moments in life. You have learned what compassion is all about.

I believe that God designed each of us to serve and share with others. Until you do that, each of us will never be truly content.

95% of all divorce cases are settled out of court. I founded this law firm, and on the principle that the best family law firm would address the core needs in most divorces which are 80% of the practice addressing spiritual and emotional needs of our client and their children and 20% handling the legal issues. In any divorce or child custody dispute, there is pain and suffering, and many times people need to find themselves first so they can help themselves and their kids.

Addressing this core needs in family law cases, those involving emotional issues, has lead to our law firm being one of the fastest growing law firms with over 180 cases in six counties: Dallas, Denton, Tarrant, Collin, Ellis and Kaufman County. We are different than every other law firm in two respects.

They know there are no winners in a divorce battle, and the outcome of a divorce trial can only define the extent of how much they will lose. Because statistically 95% of all family law cases settle before trial, it doesn’t make sense to spend tens of thousands of dollars on lawyers. That is why it is key to eliminate the upfront expenses of thousands of dollars, and operate family law litigation on a budget. The Widner Family Law Firm does both uniquely and attempts to eliminate the financial devastation caused by divorce and attorney-driven disputes.

First, we do not charge retainers of thousands of dollars upfront. Our law firm does not need you to finance this law firm or their lawyers. We finance the clients because we are on a mission to not only legally represent you, but make sure that when we are done, you leave us finding closure and feeling as much peace and joy again as you can. Some parents in divorces define “winning” or “losing” for them-when their kids should be the focus–and protecting their hearts which means trying to finish the legal hearings and trials as quickly as possible.

Second, our law firm is different from all other firms because we charge a flat monthly fee for only those months we work on your case. We eliminate the “surprise” legal bill

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of thousands of dollars in one month, excessive additional fees for staff, copying, and other attorneys working on your case. In short, we work on a tight budget, and no other law firm does this in the legal field. While your legal fees are capped on a monthly basis, your opponents are not and they pay 2-5 times each month what you pay. This creates financial leverage and quickly ends the litigation in many cases.

I have learned through my own life experiences that helping others will give you an appreciation for what you have and who you are. It is a key to contentment.


I am originally from Kansas City, Missouri. I graduated with a B.B.A. from Southern Methodist University. I received his J.D. from the University of Missouri-Columbia, receiving top honors in the First Year Moot Court competition in law school. I then passed the Missouri Bar and the U.S. District Court – Northern District of Texas, and the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.

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Probably the most life changing experience for me was in 1992 when I met Dr. Phil McGraw, who personally had me attend his life skills company called Pathways ( while handling a court case as a trial advisor.

I then participated for two years working with Dr. Phil McGraw as a TA (Teaching Assistant) and watched as thousands of people went through the training room and learned many of the life-skills that can help others in time of conflict that he later shared while on the Oprah Show and now his own television shows.

Much of the divorce process involves identifying and healing what you acknowledge and sometimes the completion and healing process is more important than the legal process. Dr. Phil used to say in the training, life is full of the “same story—different faces.” Being able to understand relationship dynamics almost immediately in every case because of this broad base of experience is one of the most important skills I rely upon.


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In addition to founding 15 years ago, one of the fastest growing family law practices in Northwest Texas, Mr. Widner’s current law practice includes technology law, forming his own company’s (internet-related), working with small-sized companies on a start-up, finance, helping with their business plans and formation. His others areas of practice include commercial litigation, personal injury, family law, and serving as an adviser on art acquisitions and authentication. His business experience includes:

-Brokered the largest land transaction in Dallas history working in real estate
within two years after graduating law school, the Farmers Market transaction
for $120 million (one of fourth of downtown Dallas)

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-Acquisition of a refinery and crude oil storage terminal -Founding Partner and Majority Shareholder in an Internet Company, ATM Direct which sold for $16 million dollars -Founding partner of which uses forensic testing in the art acquisition world -Giving back raising money for good causes including which raised money for the largest family violence organization in Dallas